Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Payne Stewart's Classic Golf Swing

“It seems obvious to me that writing about the golf swing has become too technical and complicated, and even the most earnest teaching professional presents the game to his pupil as a far more difficult thing than it really is. It is equally obvious that what the game needs if it is to continue to grow in popularity is a simplification of teaching routines which will present a less formidable aspect to the beginner, and offer to the average player a rosier prospect of improvement.”

Bobby Jones - Golf is my game 1960

Payne Stewart has come to epitomize the word "Smooth" when it comes to the Golf Swing. His syrupy stroke encompassed the best ideals of Rhythm and Tempo. I consider him a modern day Sam Snead and his stroke has become a representation of what Bobby Jones described as "Freewheeling" through impact.
Here's a video I put together composed of some youtube clips and some highlights from the 1998 US Open at Olympic.

Here's what Gregg McHatton had to say about him:

We lost a great ambassador of golf in 1999. He was in many ways our most significant tie to the legendary swings of the past. I think we sometimes forget the very significant influence that Bobby Jones had on modern golf. Payne Stewart made the swing that might be seen as the bridge from the classic swing to the modern, swing. I am not so sure that the classic swing is not the swing that most golfers should use today.


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  1. One of my favorite swings of all time. I agree completely with the Hat's sentiments. Thanks for putting together this compilation, Ralph. Well Done, Sir!!

  2. Thanks for the Kind words Natep, I just noticed how he shaped almost every shot as Miller and Koch described em from the booth; another lost art.


  3. I relatively new to this, so could someone explain what a "classic swing" is compared to, I guess, what is being taught today.

  4. Classic swing had more movement of the lower body; unrestricted hip turn, left heel off the ground on backswing, higher arms on backswing. Modern swing is more of a "big muscle" swing, which typically has restricted movement of hips and lower body, and a flatter arm swing. These are just generalizations of course.