Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Long Drive Competition at Marine Park in Brooklyn

Long Drive Competition at Marine Park

For the first time ever in New York City Marine Park Golf Course will be host to the RE/MAX Long Drive Championship qualifier on Saturday, June 29th 2013.  The competition will feature 2 divisions Open and Senior(over 45). The competition will be held on the first hole starting around 4pm.
Here how to enter:
  • No Pre-Registration required and you do not have to be a LDA member to compete!
  • Fill out an official entry form and pay onsite
  • Entry Fee $40 (Six balls = 1 try) – Multiple tries are possible if time and space permits
  • Buy some range balls and warm up
  • Site director will call you to the tee
  • Number of paid local entries (Tries) determines how many advance to regional finals
  • Regional finalist are notified by email so please print clearly on the entry form
Paid Entries  # Advance
1-6 1
7-15 2
16-25 3
26-37 4
38-49 5
50+ 6
  • First place winners in the Open division local events will be granted a bye into Round 2 at the Regional championship.
  • Competitors are eligible to qualify in different regions to increase the chances of reaching the Finals.
  • Competitors advance to the Regional Championship that is associated with the local qualifier they competed in. You may not swap Regions.
  • If you advance, you will receive the regional players packet letting you know that you have advanced
  • If you THINK you have advanced and do not get a letter, PLEASE contact the LDA at 888-233-4654
Q. How far do I need to hit it to be competitive in the RWLDC events?
A. There really is no average. Variables such as weather, elevation and grid conditions make it vary greatly.  Events have been won with 300 yards all the way to 500+ yard drives. 
  1. BE PREPARED FOR THE COMPETITION ( Know where you are going, check equipment & learn the rules)
  2. DO YOUR BEST ON EACH BALL (You get 6 and only your longest counts)
Vist www.longdrivers.com for more information.
Please contact Rich McDonough  Marine Park Director Of Golf Operations at 917-375-0450 or email him at rich@golfmarinepark.com

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