Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tiger 2013 practice round Oak Hill

Here you go from Micharl Lalane's channel:

Hit em Straight


  1. Thanks for the video Ralph. I went up to Oakhill last week. Tiger seems to have gotten his swing changes to where he can focus more on playing golf, and less on his swing. Looks good. Course was a real test.

    Duffner was dialed in. He built his game around Hogan. Reminds me some of Gregg McHatton. If the tour played more ballstriker courses like Oakhill, guys like Duffner and Furyk would be your top players. Narrow fairways, deep rough, and mature trees overhanging the fairway. I can see why Trevino won his first major here. Phil explored some interesting places around Oakhill. Not enough magic to recover from every adventure. Great tournament.

  2. Thanks for the comments Jim


  3. I think tiger has eliminated the left side in his golf swing so he can play a big power fade. Im trying to break 80 so I've had to rebuild my swing from scratch. It will take time but with some hard work I'll get there!